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What are the types of vacuum brazing furnace
What are the types of vacuum brazing furnace

No matter which type of vacuum brazing furnace, the application principle is not the same, but the effect is almost the same, let's see what kinds of vacuum brazing furnace.

1. Hot wall vacuum brazing furnace. Hot wall brazing furnace is a kind of vacuum brazing vessel, in which the weldment with solder is put into the vessel, the vessel is heated to brazing temperature in non vacuum furnace, and then the vessel is cooled in air. Its application scope is brazing alloy steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and refractory alloy containing Cr, Ti, Al and other elements.

2. Cold wall vacuum brazing furnace. Its features are: the heating furnace and brazing chamber are integrated in the cold wall brazing furnace, the furnace wall is made into a water cooling sleeve, and a heat reflecting screen is built in to prevent heat from radiating outward, improve the thermal efficiency, and seal the furnace cover. The weldment is cooled with furnace after brazing. Its application scope is the same as that of hot wall brazing furnace.

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