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Mechanical maintenance of plunger pump
Plunger pump is an important equipment of hydraulic system. It relies on the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder to burst and change the volume of the sealed working chamber to complete oil absorption and pressurization. Plunger pumps have the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency, and easy flow adjustment. They are widely used in hydraulic presses, construction machinery, ships and other occasions with high pressure, large flow, and large flow requirements.
The important part of the plunger pump is the bearing. Assuming that the bearings have clearances, the normal clearances of the three pairs of friction pairs in the hydraulic pump cannot be guaranteed, and the oil film thickness of the hydrostatic bearing of each friction pair will also be damaged, thereby reducing the service life of the piston pump bearings. According to the data provided by the hydraulic pump manufacturer, the average service life of the bearing is 10,000 hours. If this value is exceeded, it is necessary to replace with a new port. Without professional testing equipment, it is impossible to detect the clearance of the disassembled bearing, only visual inspection can be performed. If scratches or discoloration are found on the surface of the roller, it must be replaced. When replacing the bearings, the plunger pump manufacturer asked us to pay attention to the English letters and model numbers of the original bearings. Most of the plunger pump bearings use large load capacity bearings, so it is good to buy products from original manufacturers and original specifications. If we change to another brand, we should consult a person with bearing experience to check the table and change the table, so as to maintain the bearing's accuracy grade and carrying capacity.
The service life of a plunger pump is related to normal maintenance, the quantity and quality of hydraulic oil, and the cleanliness of the oil. This is also an effective way to prolong the service life of the plunger pump and avoid the wear caused by particles in the oil. When replacing parts during maintenance, use as many original parts as possible. These parts are sometimes more expensive than other imitation parts, but their quality and stability are better. Assuming the purchase of cheap imitation parts, it seems to save costs in the short term, but this also brings hidden dangers, which may cause greater harm to the use of plunger pumps.
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